Friday, February 26, 2010

The rules... no not those ones...

Fashion do's and dont's:
"don't match your lipstick to your handbag and to your shoes",
"don't wear brown and black together".
Here at Stylists in the City we're all for breaking the rules but sometimes helpful hints can push you in the right direction and help you become a "do" rather than a "don't".
When we help our clients there are always questions about accessories. One simple, helpful hint always gets is through this tricky question... when is doubt walways pair:
1. bracelets with earrings
2. necklaces with rings.

stacked bracelets are a great way to show some fashion style with very little effort

dangling earrings look overdone with anything else close to them... bracelets are far enough away to draw attention to your style without drawing attention away from you!

we love bold necklaces, keep it simple with nothing but a cocktail ring for style

make sure your rings are big, bright and show some style!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Move over cardigans... there's a new cover up in town!

We've discussed blazers before but we're not sure you heard us... they're HUGE!
Put them over everything for an instant style lift.
White over leggings or tights
Over gowns?

easy update to chic up your jean skirt and white t

casual t, ripped jeans + blazer = tough, chich


So cute and sophisticated over Brooklyn Decker's bright red

Office appropriate too?! oh my, what could be more versatile?
Elizabeth and James make the best but they're available everywhere - Gap, JCrew, Barneys... or (shameless pitch for my brother's company)
Design your own at!

Monday, February 22, 2010


While note exactly outfit related we love the way a red lip dresses up even the most casual of outfit. Throw on jeans, boots, your favorite t, best leather jacket, great scarf and a Red Lip and Viola! instant "model off duty" look.
Better yet, it works on everybody! Just pick a shade that works for your coloring and an application for the look your going for - thick and stick for glam, smudgy for every day. It even works on thin lips (trust us).
gorgeous, disheveled and put together all at once!

notice the way the lip pulls this whole look together to make it more polished


Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday.... Liberty Prints!

Here is our 1st Fashion Friday feature for Urban Sardines!
Life, Liberty Prints & Pursuit of Happiness......
We LOVE the feminine and fun Liberty Prints for this Spring! This classic British print has been showing up recently in home decor as well as the runways. It often gives a sweet, romantic, county vibe but yet has the ability to be fresh and fun too! Mix it with metallic accessories for a glam look OR mix with neutral separates and accessories for a more casual and simple look. Add a little Liberty Print into your spring wardrobe!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Friday....

Stylists in the City Fashion Friday!
Every Friday we will be bringing you a fashion post...
Tomorrow we are starting our Fashion Friday feature at We are guest blogging for urban sardines which is an interior design blog based in SF and we couldn't be more excited about the collaboration! Every Friday we will have the fashion feature on urban sardines as well as ours, check it out tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update your coat for Spring!

The best way to transition to spring while keeping warm? A bright, playful spring coat!
There are a million styles, shapes and colors so use your own style and have fun all season long!

short sleeve looks great over long sleeve basic tees

brighten you day with yellow!

chic, sophisticated and you won't fade into the crowd of beige...
happy shopping!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Stand up straight...

The perfect slouch.
We dream of effortless chic... to perfect the look... look no further than fashion god... Alexander Wang!
the perfect effortless handbag
low on budget? check out his t by alexander wang collection.

looks from T

Looks from the spring 2010 runway! (inspired by American football)

model off duty, masculine, feminine, beautiful...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Giddy Up.....

Cowboy Boots are something that every girl should own (or at least we think so...)
They can be worn with a skirt, dress, shorts and of course, jeans. Our favorite look is pairing cowboy boots with a flowy dress and great jewelry. They always add a bit of personality and laid back attitude to any outfit, and not to mention totally comfortable!