Friday, December 9, 2011

Packing in Layers

As many people start to get packing for a cozy holiday at home I have a few tips for you to hopefully help you keep yourself in the overhead as checking at the holidays can lead to fashion disasters with lost luggage. With tens of thousands of miles under my belt in just the last 6 months I have learned a few things along the way.

The true key to packing is layers. It always feels disjointed to me when I'm putting it in the bag and a little like you're simultaneously packing too much and absolutely nothing but with the right layers it can turn a small bag into tons of outfits that feel different and cool enough for you.

This photo is taken in Scotland where it actually stays a bit cool in the summer. This is my basic color palette all year round mixed with some black and so I have developed a wardrobe of interchangeable neutral items that are drapey, just the way I like it, but also made of great materials from great brands. I then layer them in interesting ways for casual to elegant occasions (a good swipe of Tom Ford's red lipstick does wonders for a neutral outfit to take it fro day to night).

This is a sweater from 360 cashmere, a T-shirt from T by Alexander Wang and a tank by James Perse, all staple brands for me. I wore these Rick Owens leggings, that I bought in an amazing boutique sale in Amsterdam, to death on our Northern Europe Tour because they go with everything and / or under everything.

Vince makes great lightweight sweaters that are another packing staple of mine. They roll up into nothing but have just a hint of style to a basic sweater to make them cool but wearable over and over. Accessories are another way to mix up your outfits when you are packing for several weeks into a small carry on. A few colored scarves, a couple interesting pieces of statement jewelry can make a big difference. Again, this is where I advocate neutral colors and items that can be worn different ways via accessories and people don't really notice you're wearing the same sweater (well, besides your hubbie).

Another Vince sweater in Copenhagen. It gets a little chilly there even in the dead of summer but these ligtweight sweaters are nice to layer over skirts, shorts and jeans at night because of their shape and weight.

I have these exact same sweaters here with me in Paris and I'm layering them over and under a whole winter wardrobe as well. They are a bit expensive but my mileage out of them is great!

Happy Packing!
xx, SITC

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


All the cool girls in Europe were rocking these oversized denim cut-offs.
This girl went walking by in Barcelona. As with the girls in Amsterdam gladiator sandals were everywhere as were crossbody bags and effortless, light hair and make-up to beat the heat.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sorry for the Hiatus folks!

Sorry for the hiatus dear readers! LQ and I took a little break while I travel around the world and she started a new job. But SITC is back! I am going to update with some fashion and travel tips from around the world and LQ can update you on all the fabulous finds from!

This post isn't exactly seasonally relevant unless you're headed down-under for the holidays but I wanted to show some of the styles I saw from the globe and a few outfits I've put together. With limited space in bags and heading to the most fashionable cities on earth it has been tough to try and keep up. These are my attempts :)

The women in Amsterdam are GORGEOUS and so fashionable. They are effortless and all outfits must be bike ready. I love this girl's easy topknot, sideslung bag and sandals while her bright stripes make her ready for anything.

As I've traveled I've been much more inspired to try out colors and patterns. Not easy for a girl with a wardrobe of 99% neutrals... I'm not sure how the results worked out :)
(this top is Equipment - very light, airy and can pack into nothing)

This is in Barcelona. Keeping cool and stylish is tough for an SF girl but this lace skirt again folds to nothing and can easily go from day to night. The rest is my signature grey. The good thing about neutrals is the ability to mix and match easily using little space in a bag AND if you wear the same top twice in different ways no one really remembers.

How do you pack for a year around the world? With Seattle based Filson Luggage! American made, World traveled.

Gerona, our home away from home. A printed skirt helps add color and print to the mix while keeping it away from the face, an advantage for the print and color phobic like me. These JCrew sandals got me through my endless summer (june to november)

MUCH more to come!
xx, SITC