Friday, February 26, 2010

The rules... no not those ones...

Fashion do's and dont's:
"don't match your lipstick to your handbag and to your shoes",
"don't wear brown and black together".
Here at Stylists in the City we're all for breaking the rules but sometimes helpful hints can push you in the right direction and help you become a "do" rather than a "don't".
When we help our clients there are always questions about accessories. One simple, helpful hint always gets is through this tricky question... when is doubt walways pair:
1. bracelets with earrings
2. necklaces with rings.

stacked bracelets are a great way to show some fashion style with very little effort

dangling earrings look overdone with anything else close to them... bracelets are far enough away to draw attention to your style without drawing attention away from you!

we love bold necklaces, keep it simple with nothing but a cocktail ring for style

make sure your rings are big, bright and show some style!

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