Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Airport Style

It's Wednesday so that means out thoughts are on heading out to some distant location. Heading somewhere for Memorial Day Weekend? Travel style is tricky for everyone. We found some expert celeb looks to get you from point a to point b while staying stylish...
1. denim
2. thin tee or tank
3. cardigan or light jacket
4. huge scarf (to be worn as blanket on the plane)
5. comfortable and easy to remove shoes
6. oversized handbag
7. one easy statement piece of jewelry or sunglasses (if you so happen to be a celeb) add a touch of personal of style(we like to wear a sentimental piece if traveling alone)
Jeans are a must - skinny jeans are best because they help balance out a look that ends up being larger on top (due to scarf, sweater, jacket, etc for the always freezing airplane). Whether you go for dark, black, green, skinny or jegging is up to you!

A blazer is just as chic as a cardigan for coverage. Just be sure to go with something that won't wrinkly too much on the plane.

Neutral palletes are easiest to work with - black is an easy go to, as is grey. What makes Sienna's look pulled togther is the additional of her nautical striped shirt. It's basic and classic but also breaks up an otherwise monochromatic look.

Classic jeans and a sweatshirt but the proportions are just right. Anja really nails the casual silhouette... after all, she IS a super model.


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