Monday, June 14, 2010

Show a Little Skin

Summertime is the perfect season to show off your flawless skin.
Don't have flawless skin?
Try out new beauty obsession... SUNDAY RILEY products!
These products were built on the foundation of "Purified, Active + Proven" and their 1st ingredient in almost every product is NV-5 Ageless Complex, which is a blend of 5 Native American Botanicals.
The line was created by Sunday Riley herself based on techniques she learned from her grandmother.

We were first turned on to these products by Patrick Foley (resident make0up artist at Barneys in LA - more to come on him later) during a make-up consultation for my upcoming wedding and have converted to them exclusively!
Other's who love SUNDAY RILEY?
Bazaar, W, Vanity Fair
The Cast of Gossip Girl: Blake Lively loves Juno Oil and Leighton Meester loves Liquid Diet

Here are our SITC picks.
Good Genes is the product that Patrick hooked us with...
Can be used daily or as an intensive treatment. You can actually feel it working.

Benefits include:
plumping fine lines, improving circulation, restoring damaged skin and much much more!

After falling in love with Good Genes Patrick walked me right over to meet Valerie, the Sunday Riley Rep at Barneys in LA. She is gorgeous, sweet, smart and oh so helpful. Here are the products she recommended for my skin that I now use daily.

Cashmere Sunscreen... feels just like is sounds!

Even my fiance loves this stuff (he will never admit it!)

I have never found a cleanser I love. Ceramic Slip Cleanser takes off all of my make-up with ease and leaves my skin feeling great!
This one is for big events (like my upcoming wedding!)

"A powerful weapon against water weight, puffiness, swelling and bloating due to water retention. Temporarily drains excess fluid from the body, providing a more refined silhouette"

Valerie recommended we put this all over and take a brisk walk or drink a hot cup of tea to help with bloat and body firming... perfect for any event!

SUNDAY RILEY has tons of other great products and continues to come out with more! This is JUST a quick list of our obsessions.

It is sold exclusively at Barneys... So get yourself over to a Barneys, shop online or call Valerie at Barneys in LA (310)276-4400 (we'd love if you mentioned SITC!) and get ready for your close up!


P.S. We were not paid for our opinions on these products, although we did ask for a few samples :)

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