Friday, July 23, 2010

The Comfort Factor - Jeggings

You now own several pairs on skinny jeans we're sure
(if not... head out and buy a pair, they're going NOWHERE).
The newest, best and MOST COMFORTABLE way to update jeans right now is the jegging, a combo of jeans / leggings.
Sounds a little scary and a little 80s but try on a pair and we dare you to try and take them off...
Sienna is hip, downtown, casual and oh so comfy in hers. We love the idea of adding a masculine touch with brogues.
Kate is on the go in her pair. Jeggings are best worn casual but don't throw on a sweatshirt and run errands. Pair with high quality tees, tanks and sweaters and cool shoes and bags and its instant chic for running about on a Sunday.

Be sure your top covers the butt and hip area for a more flattering fit (unless you have supermodel proportions and then rock what you like... lucky you!)
Dark blue or black is the most obvious choice but experiement with greys...

nudes and khakis...

Lastly, this is the newest update... "pull up jeggings". These may feel a touch maternity to those familiar with "panels" BUT think of your sleek knit tops and sweaters WITHOUT the annoying buldge of buttons and zippers from your jeans!
(plus feel free to have that extra piece of pizza :))
BEST BRANDS: Paige, JBrand, Current Elliot, Gap

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