Friday, August 13, 2010

Eau de Yosh

"Cleopatra was known to send her fastest warships to
Turkey to bring back rose oil to seduce Mark Antony and Julius Caesar."
Perfume is a great way to change your mood, look or feeling without cutting/dyeing your hair or blowing your paycheck on a new wardrobe. But how do you choose a new smell?
With all of the celebrity and mass marketed scents out there we're always looking for something unique and THEN we discovered YOSH!

Lucky, Lucky stylists got an evening of chocolate, tea and perfume testing with fabulous perfume creator Yosh. We learned about her 6 signature scents (see the chart below) and the proper way to smell and test perfumes.
She has recently launched the spray version of her scents in gorgeous, streamlined bottles that will make you smell delicious and help you decorate your bathroom too. She also creates oils, which are available exclusively at Barneys.
The most amazing part of an experience with Yosh, besides her knowledge, beauty and overall calming presence is that she will consult with you on your signature scent via readings (she is also a clairvoyant reader, reiki and aura healer) to help you detirmine the best fragrance.

Or! To get the MOST of your eau de Yosh experience book yourself an appointment and create a signature fragrance with Yosh's help. This fragrance will be completely unique to you based on your preferences, personality and skin type. You can also attend one of her workshops on special Saturdays from 9:30 - 1 (the next one is 10/2). "Marie Antoinette's signature perfume was so strong that it left a trail for her captors to find her"... here's to hoping you can capture or seduce someone with your new signature scent via YOSH!

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