Friday, March 4, 2011

Effortless Style Continued...

In January we gave you a few tips to build a wardrobe of must have items in order to create the most sought after quality... effortless style! (the list : striped tee, trench & leather jacket)

This week we're adding another "must buy" to your list. LANVIN FLATS!

Like many wardrobe building staples this week's suggestion is an investment piece, but it will add instant chic in an effortless and comfortable (!) way to your closet.

Classic black will never go out of style and goes with everything. Here Kate Moss adds the flats to variety of outfits from skinny jeans to a black dress.

Printed versions, like the above leopard print, can add easy style to an all black ensemble.

Follow Niki Hilton's lead and pair a bright red pair that can add a little fun to every outfit.

Save up!
xo, SITC

p.s. can't possibly cough up the cash? Grab a pair of Gap's city flats and stick them in your purse for when your heels are too much!

1 comment:

  1. loving your new look :) as much as i want the lanvin flats i'll have to settle for the gap city flats...

    have a great weekend!