Friday, March 22, 2013

Maternity Dresses

 A great way to get through the "dog days" of maternity clothing (i.e. last trimester when it's hard to fit into anything) is through dresses.  I'm a Rag & Bone jeans and edgy tops and boots kind of girl so this one was hard for me to swallow at first but my dear friend Jessica gave me her hand-me-downs post baby and I'm loving how easy they are to wear! 
 Jessica ordered dresses from Gilt Group to keep her costs down and got 2 really cute ones I stole from her from a company called NOM.  They are tight fitting and people just love when I wear them because then they actually see the baby bump!  She gave me a black and a navy / white stripe.

 The tightness of the dresses made me nervous so I've been wearing sleeves cardigans over the top to cover my backside :)  The one above is Rick Owens and I also have some from Joie and 360 Cashmere.  You can throw any longer cardi over the top.  The sleeveless is kind of nice as we move into warmer weather.
Dresses are great for showers too!  For mine I wore an old Lanvin dress (thanks to a Barney's sale circa 2008 and a generous xmas gift from my step-mother-in-law).  Anything with stretchy material and ruching down the sides should be able to work.  I like to add slightly "tougher" accessories to any of my feminine outfits.  These Siggerson Morrison booties have updated many a basic look through the years.  I like to buy expensive shoes and then re-sole, re-sole, re-sole!


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