Monday, July 20, 2009

From Kyoto, with love, from our Intern!

Stylists in the city would like to intoroduce Emily: our fabulous intern!

Emily comes to us courtesy of the Cal women's soccer team and is blogging to us from Japan.

Her first post comes from Kyoto....

Fashion from Kyoto:Kyoto, Japan, though traditional in Japanese culture with its Geisha women and authentic cuisine, has style that is comparable to the fashion in the United States but is also unique in its own way.The women of Kyoto seem to be most attracted to wearing ruffled shirts, loose blouses, and long shirts. Their attire is often simple but they finish off their look with a stunning shoe (or shoe color). High heels are definitely popular among the Japanese women. Maybe due to their height or to elongate their legs, the majority of the women are strutting down the streets in their wedges and stilettos. What inspires me the most is how the women accessorize their outfits. High-waisted belts are the hot look for this summer, but the accessories for their hair is what stood out the most. The straw fedoras are everywhere in Kyoto, and little hair accessories such as bows, headbands, and flowers are frequently spotted. Kyoto women dress to impress...I can't wait to see the fashion Tokyo has to offer!

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