Monday, July 27, 2009

Japan Part II

Once again our (gorgeous) intern Emily is here to fill you in on Japanese Fashion.
As you recall we last heard from her while in Kyoto.
This week she comes from us from TOKYO!
Emily (right), her sister and woman in traditional kimono.
check out the electric blue heels on an otherwise simple outfit

now... from EMILY!

"Tokyo, Japan might as well be considered the fashion center of the world!
First off, the stores are crowded with people looking to purchase any
piece of clothing and accessory that they can grab. This probably
explains why Tokyo women are appearing so fashionable today.
Styles vary greatly throughout Tokyo. If Americans only thought that Gwen
Stefani made up the image of Harajuku girls, then they are wrong!
Harajuku girls actually exist and their unusual, yet unique style, catches
the attention of onlookers. Their fashion is funky and hip with a lot of
pink, bows, knee high socks, ruffles, and teased hair. Their fashion may
be something one would wear on Halloween in the United States; but to
Harajuku girls, their fashion is a part of their everyday appearance.
Floral prints are also very popular in Tokyo. Ranging from high-waisted
skirts to tube top dresses (layered with a white t-shirt underneath),
floral is everywhere. Tokyo women, like Kyoto women, top off their look
with a fedora hat or a scrunchie in their hair.
Similarly to women in Kyoto, women like to dress sleek and simple but
finish off their look with a popping shoe. Bright colors are very popular
in Tokyo; therefore, a lot of women wear a lot of purple and neon pumps to
grab the attention of others.
I added in a picture of my sister and I with a women in a kimono.
Although not as popular as they were many years ago, kimonos are still
being worn by Japanese women. This women photographed with us is dressed
in her kimono for her brother's wedding. It is still traditional for
women to wear kimonos for special occasions.
When shopping in Tokyo you are guaranteed to find something to buy because
their fashion is absolutely amazing and there is so much to choose from!"

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