Friday, April 23, 2010

Flare out....

I don't think we'll give up our skinny jeans until looooooooong after they have lost their lustre BUT we've been seeing a different look in denim lately...
the FLARE! You'll start seeing this more and more (trust us) so here's a quick tip on how to wear it. Just like wearing a more blouson top with your skinny jeans to balance your silhouette you'll want to wear a more form fitting top with your flares. These are great with flats too so grab a pair for a slightly retro, comfy, weekend look.
xo, SITC
oh, Kate, we're always jealous of your effortless, ahead of the curve cool!
a chic blazer brings this otherwise casual outfit up for running errands or a casual meeting

if wearing the flare in a fabrication other than denim be sure to wear beautiful heels and peek out just a touch when you walk and a sleek, tight top

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