Wednesday, October 3, 2012

always the bridesmaid, never the...

It's that dreaded time of year for so many of us...WEDDING SEASON...Here at Stylists in the City we thought we would add to our recent styling of a girlfriend as a guest of a wedding and help those of us who are...BRIDESMAIDS.

Ahhhh... the tradition, the tears, the... uh... dress?

Many a bridezilla has lost her head and put her friends in horrible dresses, matching shoes and made them all look alike and... terrible. So... here's how to make the day have a look all your own without going off the reservation and disappointing the bride.

#1 - stear her towards JCrew's bridesmaid styles - they are easy and something you may even wear again, plsu they're pretty easy on the budget - the one above is $215 - and as a bonus POCKETS!

#2 - ACCESSORIZE - try this season's hot necklace - the bib (as featured in a previous SITC post), it makes a statement but it still pretty so as to not distract from the bride! Where it alone with no other jewelry or add a large cocktail ring if you just must gob on accessories...

#3 - ask to wear your own shoes - it saves money, you'll be more comfortable and it's a way to add your personal style to a bridesmaid dress without being too noticeable (in case your bride is the "matchy, matchy" sort)

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