Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maternity Style

So believe it or not... One of our lovely bloggers here at SITC is PREGNANT, posing a whole new set of challenges for our style blog!  We'll be posting some personal pics as well as ones to clothes we suggest where you can try and pull together a look that feels very you without breaking the bank.  We advocate using your old clothes and mixing in some key new pieces as well!
Here we go... until April 2013!

At this point I'm 18 weeks with my first pregnancy so just growing out of my clothes.  It's a little tough as everything just fits wrong and so far I haven't found maternity wear I love so I'm still messing with my old clothes and I got a few things for my birthday I'm mixing in.
Here's a photo of me taken the other day after running errands, taking a meeting, having lunch with a friend and heading to an ultrasound.  
My first attempt (post morning sickness) of an outing:

(sorry for the double photo, I just had to include the one where my puppy photobombed me!)

I have a very casual retail consulting job so I'm able to wear practically anything but I like to look stylish and put together as I'm advising clients on fashion and business.  

I'm finding I'm loving any pants with an elastic waist (I owned a few!) but I've been finding ones in silk and faux leather so I'm not in anything that looks like Juicy sweatpants. 

You can also layer tons of jewelry and a cardigan (or better yet a great blazer) over this outfit as it's super simple and black and white to make it your own.  Personally, I added a Stella McCartney tuxedo jacket in blush and black and this Banana Republic chain necklace I have to toughen it up a bit. 

Here are the basic pieces and where I bought them:

 Gap Body

 Elyse Walker

 Stella McCartney
 Banana Republic

This is the basic make up of my outfit:  Gap Body drop waist pants, mine are old and silk but something like these pictured can be dressed up.  I bought this Vince silk blouse in black and white and have been wearing them under and over everything.  They drape nicely, will grow as I bought a size bigger and they cover my butt, a must as I get bigger and bigger...
I added a pair of Lanvin flats that I've owned for years.  I'm a huge proponent of nice, expensive shoes (I've sold so many happy clients on this as well as my mother-in-law).  Buy them at the twice annual Barneys wharehouse sale and you can get a deal on a pair you will own forever.  
I'm a heels girl but great flats seem to be easier these days... 
 Next week I'll post some great birthday gifts I received that I'm working into the wardrobe!


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